The future is decentralized applications (dApps)

The decentralization revolution has begun. In the coming years, emerging technologies will distribute power from the center, to the edges of our communities. This movement will bring the biggest technological and social advancements since the advent of the internet. Dubbed “Web 3.0”, the future of technology is now. Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region are at the forefront of this innovation.

Thought leaders and innovators from the crypto ecosystem will come alongside hundreds of hackers to collaborate on building dApps on Ethereum. Momentum behind Ethereum is growing by the day. The developer population for Ethereum is exponentially higher than any other blockchain protocol. Now is the time to get involved in Web 3.0.

ETH Denver invites developers and hackers who want to be a part of the decentralized future. We'll have on hand blockchain experts, thought leaders, advisers and companies paving the road to the future. Bring yourself and a friend to LEARN, SHARE, BUILD AND GROW. (Link to Values)

ETHDenver Hackathon Values

Learn: Bring an open mind. The decentralized world is a paradigm shift from the current norms.

Share: Your ideas matter. Contribution and collaboration are the name of the game.

Build: There’s a time to talk and a time to do. Building is the core function of innovation. We’re here to hack, invent and create great change for good.

Grow: A byproduct of our values is great growth. As people, as teams and as a community.


Will you join us in the decentralization revolution?

Ethereum Story & Hackathon Ethos

 Decentralization is a paradigm shift in the way we build and utilize software. It will change virtually everything we know about business and society today. As Kirk Dameron, a ConsenSys leader and Denver resident commonly says, “the decentralized world will push power in commerce from the center to the edges.”

In 2009, the white paper for Bitcoin was released by a person (or persons) by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Described as “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, this invention has revolutionized the way we see the potential for the future of money, value transfer and storage of value. Vitalik Buterin, however, saw limitations in what the Bitcoin protocol could do. This gave rise to the birth of Ethereum. Vitalik released a white paper of his own in 2013 describing the future where a new blockchain based platform would give rise to the use of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) using blockchain technology.

These dApps allow for more democratic, fair outcomes in commerce. They also disintermediate many “trusted third parties” who typically charge fees for clearing transactions and/or manage the transfer of value between parties. In a decentralized world, there is less need for these typical intermediaries. Technology will facilitate the interaction in an distributed, trustless way.

The results will be a simpler, less expensive, more trusted experience for users. A truly Peer-to-Peer experience in virtually everything that you can think about: sovereign ownership of your identity and your property, and the possibility of inclusiveness in the world economy for all persons. We’re entering an age like never before.

The ETHDenver Hackathon has been organized to bring together like minds toward like purpose; to continue the innovation of decentralization and promote the Ethereum ecosystem. We also seek to reinforce Colorado’s place in the innovation of technology by solidifying the region as “crypto friendly” and a place of inclusiveness, diversity and thought leadership in the blockchain revolution.

With all of the hype, also comes reality. The ecosystem is at a critical point in its life cycle. We have not yet reached critical mass and the need for talent to enter the space is very high. There are literally thousands of opportunities as we speak for developers in the ecosystem. Many of which can be housed in Denver yet work for companies located around the world. Companies looking to capitalize on the exceptional talent from our great region will be present and hosting interviews for various roles within their organizations.