Maker Space Workshop


Hardware Art Bounty at ETHDenver 2018

Status in collaboration with the TrueBit team is sponsoring an Art Bounty at ETHDenver. We are interested in including creative ways of "hacking" by supporting projects and people who want to expand the horizon of a traditional hackathon by experimenting with art and technology.

The Maker Space will provide an opportunity to learn, play, create and/or compete. Makers and programmers interested in creating installation art prototypes and interactive experiments between the blockchain space and physical art, are invited to dive-in and get their projects considered to be displayed in NYC inside the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project.

The Dogethereum Bridge Art Project will be a public art space that will host the different installations and tech related interactions awarded at ETHDenver and other hacking events.

Artists and programmers can participate in two categories:

  1. Contestants //  Individuals or groups competing for the Hardware Art Bounty. Participants will have an understanding of the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project and a clear idea of the prototype to be developed.

  2. Beginners // Individuals or groups who want to learn and contribute to the creation of a collective piece with the guidance of the Maker Space facilitators.

Participants can RSVP by sending an email to before Feb 13th, stating the category they want to participate in and their participation goals.

The group of artists and programmers facilitating the workshop and assisting participants are Lindy Wilkins, Chris Hutchinson  and Jessica Angel

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